The Best Long Island in Town

  • Some interesting looking fries
  • Ruckle's famous Long Island Iced Tea
  • The wing dings Anna thought would be boneless...oops
  • Jalapeño Poppers
  • Fish and Chips - the comfort food classic

Maybe the Long Island Iced Tea was meant to be a summer drink, but it doesn’t hurt to pretend that it’s over freezing outside. We were looking for a little boost this particular Friday night. Being the weekend before St. Patricks day, the little town of Clare is starting to build some excitement for its most widely enjoyed event. Most local restaurants have already shifted all of their decor in honor of the upcoming Irish Fest.

We both thought that an evening at Ruckle’s Pier would be the perfect way to shake off the mid-march, pre Irish Festival blues. Although I’ve only been of drinking age for 5 years, I have been coming to Ruckles to enjoy the food since I was just a little guy. The Fish and Chips has always been my go-to order. Not that I particularly love deep-fried fish, but it has just become a habit for more to order it at Ruckles without even thinking. It is one of my favorite comfort foods in town.

Before we got to the food order, of course we had to go for a couple of Long Islands. Ruckles makes a lot of great drinks, but something about their Long Island just really hits the spot. An appetizer order of some spicy Jalapeño Poppers was a great compliment to the sweet-sourness of the Long Island. The poppers were delicious, although it was a little tricky to bite them in half. When it came time for ordering the main course, Anna decided some Wing Dings would be the way to go. Unfortunately, she assumed that Wing Dings were boneless, so that was a bit of a letdown for her – nothing that would throw our night off though.

We took a few moments to enjoy how calm everything in the bar was. Next weekend, beginning Friday and continuing on through Sunday at 2am, Ruckles will be filled to the brim with hundreds of happy, green beer drinking people. Seeing a slew of old friends at the Irish Festival is great, but sometimes its even better to notice the amount of people that come from out of town to enjoy downtown Clare for this one weekend. It is truly Clare’s weekend to shine!

Our main course made its way to our table in no time at all. At this point I was happy to be in front of one of my favorite childhood comfort foods, but also envying some of Ruckles legendary pizza that was being brought out an adjacent table. Oh well, we can save pizza for next time we agreed. We quickly made our way through the delicious fried delights. I regretfully had to pass up the chance to savor another sour Long Island (I was driving home.)

Ruckles is one of my hometown favorites. It’s easy to recommend them to anyone new to the area. You will definitely find my friends and I there for the Irish Festival this next weekend – that is for sure!

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