Breakfast at the Birchwood

Farmers Skillet at the Birchwood Restaurant in Farwell MI

After an eventful weekend still in the rearview mirror with St. Patrick’s Day, we were in the mood for a more relaxed couple of days. There was some great weather to enjoy on Friday, with it being a little dreary on Saturday. Sunday morning we were ready for a nice, hearty breakfast.

We talked over a few places on our list that we have yet to visit. The Birchwood Restaurant in Farwell sounded like they had some great food that we haven’t yet had the pleasure of trying. At 1pm, it was becoming a little late to be considered breakfast, but we didn’t let that deter us. Fortunately, The Birchwood serves food from their breakfast menu all day long!

The first thing that we noticed after arriving at the Birchwood was how friendly all of their employees were. The small restaurant was fairly busy when we got there, but began to thin out shortly thereafter. We were seated at a booth with a nice outdoor view and promptly served a nice hot coffee.

The Farmers Skillet was sounding like the perfect choice for both of us. I’m the type of person that really enjoys having all of my meal mixed in together (within reason, of course). The skillet featured American fries, 2 eggs, ham, mushrooms, onions, green peppers, and cheese. On top of the skillet, Anna convinced me that we would definitely need to try their strawberry covered Belgian waffle as well. I obliged without an argument.

The food was served quickly. Our waitress offered to bring out our waffle as a ‘first course’. We through that was a very nice gesture and appreciated being able to pick through that before we got to the heavier portion of the meal. Our skillets followed shortly behind the waffle.

Strawberry Belgian Waffle at The Birchwood Restaurant in Farwell MI

We had both decided to smother the dish with sausage gravy, just to up the ante. That turned out to be a great decision because the skillet was delicious. There was a great variety of things inside that kept it interested all of the way through. My only complaint was that the mushrooms and potatoes could have been cut up into smaller pieces. But, it definitely didn’t ruin the meal. Everything was pretty tasty. The Birchwood is a nice little spot that we will be heading back to!

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