The Evening Post’s New Patio: A Sneak Peek

  • Heading out the back door to find the new addition...
  • Let's go in and check it out!
  • Plenty of room for the upcoming festivities.
  • The new patio bar, almost ready for action. Notice the cozy, radiant heater.
  • The beautiful, massive bluestone bar top.
  • Imagine these opened up this summer... relaxing with drink in hand.
  • A vintage neon sign that was first hung in the Clare party store back in the 40's!

This last weekend we tagged along with our parents and their rowdy group of friends over to the Evening Post for a quick drink. The owner of the Post (Tracy Bolle) happened to be in the bar and he was nice enough to offer our group a tour of the new patio addition that we had heard about. We followed closely behind, out the back door and quickly into the new patio.

You notice right away that 3 of the walls are mostly covered by large garage doors with windows that can be opened up when the weather permits. One would think that all of those windows would give you a serious chill in the middle of March, but they have a generously sized radiant heater that is positioned perfectly over the bar, pointing out towards the open area. The heater did a great job of keeping everyone toasty while Tracy explained some of their ideas for the new space and the history that the building (and some of the decor) has.

One of the first things that you notice about the patio area is the huge bluestone bar top. Apparently, it took 6 men to muscle the bar top inside and into position. It appears that it was well worth the effort because it looks great! Behind the new bar top, I noticed that there were two flatscreen TV’s that would be great for enjoying the game.

One of the members of our group made a comment about how nice looking the brick behind the bar area was. Tracy went on to explain how this area was actually where the late Clare Sentinel newspaper used to have their printing press, how cool! Another interesting piece of history was the neon “Beer” sign that was mounted right above the right side of the bar. The sign was first mounted in the Village Pub (one of Clare’s oldest bars) back in the 1940’s. Gary Ruckle was throwing the sign away one day when Jon Warren (from the Clare Party Store) saved the sign from being thrown into the dumpster. He had the sign fixed up and hung it in the Party Store where it stayed for many years. Recently Jon gave the old sign to Tracy to hang up in the new patio.

I know that this will be one of the best places in Clare to relax with a good beer this summer. We’re excited to see how this new area turns out when it’s completely finished. Even more so, we’re excited to get a chance to test it out for ourselves this weekend. I’m sure we will be making our way by at some point this Saturday for the Irish Festival. Make your way over to the Post to say hello this weekend!

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    Stacy Riddell March 16, 2017 at 6:55 pm

    I Love It!! What a great addition. We’ll stop by to celebrate!?☘?

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    Barbara Hecker March 15, 2017 at 9:15 pm

    Can:t wait to see it

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