Hiking for Pasties

  • The Beef Pasty
  • A Short Hike Through the Neithercut Woodland Trail in Farwell
  • Inside of the Chicken Pasty
  • The Beef Pasty - All Bundled Up
  • A Stream On the Neithercut Woodland Trail
  • Tucking Into that Chicken Pasty

I have to admit that we didn’t start this day with pasties on our mind. In fact, it was hard to think about anything this morning other than the absolutely bizarre (but welcomed) warm weather. February is known as one of the most chilling months of the year in Michigan, where we regularly see temperatures plunge below zero. However, today we were treated with a gorgeous sunny day with temperates gracefully hovering around the mid fifties.

We have already been itching to get into the woods for the last several weeks. An opportunity to take a short hike was the perfect addition to the weekend. Our dog, Fran, was overjoyed at the mention of a walk. After getting a small daypack around and Fran loaded into the car, we were ready to go.

There isn’t an abundance of great hiking trails in the Central Michigan area. But, we are lucky to have the Neithercut Woodland Trail (maintained by Central Michigan University) right here in Farwell. My dad used to take my sister and I to hike this trail when we were just kids and we’re still enjoying it to this day. It’s a short hike but with a lot of nice scenery. Today was the first day that I have ever hiked it during the winter. There was definitely a different vibe to the hike, but still a lot of fun just to get outdoors. It was much easier to see through the woods without all of the leaves.

After a nice afternoon hike with Anna and Fran, we had worked up a healthy appetite. On the way to the Neithercut Trail we passed Kathy’s Pasties just before we arrived. This put the idea in my head. So, when the question of where to eat came up, the answer was easy. We have passed Kathy’s many times on the way up north, headed to Traverse City or somewhere alike. There’s always someone in the car who makes a comment about wanting to stop and try them out. But, today is the first day that we actually did it!

The most common question that would be asked in the car the times that we had previously driven by was; what is a pastie actually? Well, for a start, we learned that they’re delicious. More specifically though, they’re a folded pastry, typically filled with seasoned meat and vegetables. I had an idea of what they were going to be like, but they tasted even better than I expected. I ordered the beef pasty, while Anna got the chicken. They didn’t waste any time getting them out to us either.

Both Anna and myself immediately noticed just how light, flakey, and buttery the pastry shell was. Inside of that warm shell, was a delicious filling of beef/chicken, potatoes, carrots, and celery. There was also gravy that was served on the side. I would recommend not skimping on the gravy, because it made it just that much more savory. The pasties were the perfect meal to start the rest of our day, very filling, without the heavy “weighing you down” feeling.

We will definitely be stopping back at Kathy’s Pasties the next time we’re headed up North. So good!

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