2017 Irish Festival

  • Our 2017 Bed Race Team
  • Having a great time at The Doherty Hotel
  • Friday's late night omelettes at the Whitehouse
  • Enjoying the Double IPA at Four Leaf Brewing Co.
  • Anna testing out different racing positions

Another successful Clare Irish Festival is in the books! We drank a lot of beer, had a lot of laughs, and even ran through horse poop. Most importantly, we had a great time with some old friends.

Our Saturday morning started with some coffee and a concentration on nursing a bit of a headache from the night before. While most of the festivities take place on Saturday, everyone knows that there is still plenty of fun to be had in town on the Friday night before. After being out till around midnight, the group thought that it would be a nice idea to take advantage of the Whitehouse’s extended hours. We made our way into a booth and all ordered a breakfast omelette that really hit the spot!

We were getting mentally prepared for the upcoming bed race. We have run the race in years passed, but this year we were running for Eat Clare County. Our “bed” is really a very shameful excuse for a racing bed, in comparison to the other competitors that have taken time to custom make theirs. But, we have had success with it in the past, so we decided to give it another go.

It turned out that all of our confidence was a bit misguided. Jim’s Body Shop’s team edged us out and won the race. We had to run through a big pile of horse poop and suffered a pulled hamstring halfway through – but no one wants to hear excuses. Our team will be back next year, ready for some revenge!

After licking our wounds from the bed race, we made our way into town to enjoy the rest of the festival. It was a long and glorious day full of drinks, food, and friends. While most of our time was spent in The Doherty Hotel, we made sure to make it over to the Four Leaf Brewing Company to have some delicious beer.

All-in-all, everyone had a great time at the Clare Irish Festival and we can’t wait to come back and do it all over again in 2018.

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