Pizza is for Breakfast at Heart of Michigan Cafe

This morning we had a bit of free time and were hungry for some delicious breakfast food. We thought about heading out to one of the great diners in the area but were craving something a little bit different. The standard spread of eggs and toast just wasn’t going to cut it on this Thursday. “Haven’t been to Heart of Michigan in way too long!”, Anna suggested. I agreed and we headed into to for a Chai Tea Latte and an undecided item that will quell out appetites until much later this evening.

Chai Tea Latte at Heart of Michigan Cafe

I mulled over the menu for a few minutes before noticing that they had a couple of choices for breakfast flatbread pizzas that sounded very interesting. I couldn’t remember that last time that I had a breakfast pizza, or if I ever remember having one at all for that matter. The Western Flatbread Pizza looked like the perfect choice. It featured a creamy sausage gravy for the sauce and was topped with scrambled eggs, green peppers, bacon, onions, and cheddar cheese.

Western Flatbread Pizza at Heart of Michigan Cafe

It wasn’t easy to finish a full sized by myself, but I was able to happily muscle down the whole thing without any shame. Anna was barely able to finish her half sized gluten free version (still great, by the way). We will be back for more breakfast pizza in the near future!

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